Will Grayson was born and raised in New York City.  His early childhood was spent in a supportive environment that offered him everything he could possibly need to aspire to any level of accomplishment he so desired.
As the turbulent 1960’s stormed America, Will found himself caught in the wave of an anti-establishment mindset. With this, came an attitude of defiance that manifested itself in anti-social and destructive behavior. This became apparent when Will began to engage in illicit drug use.
These behaviors worsened over a course of twenty years. During this time, Will lost his marriage, children, and self-esteem.  During this personal storm, Will also experienced the tragedy of his daughter passing away.  This event only served to propel Will further into the throes of his addiction.
After many years of bouncing between institutions, and becoming homeless, Will found himself at his bottom. He realized that if he kept living this way, he would not survive. After his last stint in jail, faced with substantial incarceration, Will knew that he would try with all the courage he possessed to bring about a positive change.
While in jail, Will was exposed to a twelve-step program. As he became more involved with the program, he felt a sense of freedom for the first time in years. With each new day came a different revelation, and Will knew that he had found the bridge back to sanity.
As he acquired more clarity, it became apparent to Will that he truly wanted to help others.
What started as a need to help himself has ultimately turned into Wills life mission.
After getting his own life together, Will sponsored super star Darryl Strawberry (N.Y. Mets, N.Y. Yankees), Richie Supa (Aerosmith), Gary McClain, NCAA MVP Villanova, and many more. He is now a Board Certified Addictions Professional.
He’s also currently working on his Bachelor Degree in Social Work.

Angels Side by Side is Will's dream realized!  A platform of many facets, we are here to help you make your dreams a reality.

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